Thursday, 3 November 2011


Weeds hang in blue-green seas,
pirated by the waves as they roll in,
or they flap against hanging masks
in brisk, salty air.

Pieces of broken shell
stick to clammy feet as tides
reach and grasp at grains,
tugging from the shore
to be relinquished once more
by shacks selling fresh crab
or sticky-sweet rock,
emblazoned as the seafront. 


Chalky grey rock
with off-white gleam,
flakes into salty wind
where it’s hurried,

drifting over the beam
of ferries approaching,
into the hollow
beneath such cliffs.  

Great Portland Street

London's September draws on.
Its commuters criss-cross their way,
dancing the two-step on a concrete drive
past tablecloths of cotton-white, spotted
with circulars of damp from the champagne bottle
left sweating in its post-fridge state.

Little green olives that might be gems,
glisten subtly in a shy, pre-Autumn sun,
ignored by elegant hands and ruby lips
- pirated by the wasps.

Two Cities

A ragged leaf on a London street.
Green against the grey,
It blows in the breeze
Of a hundred hurried commuters.

Pillar-box red blur,
Stuck with gaudy flyers;
The number 5 rushes by,
Crushing the leaf
Under bold and brazen tyres.
Ruby trimmed pillars frame the temples,
air swims with oils of jasmine
and thyme.

Outside persistent neon signs
flash in smog filled streets,
while expectant eyes fish out
the fattest wallets.

Lime green leaves sizzle in salt
on an open flame,
flickering like conscience,
sticky with garlic and oil.

The Widowed Fisherman

Salty grains rub relentlessly into coarse hands
as they gather in leathery creases and gray, turn antique 
in time to his matted beard, now a silvery web of moss;
a clinging cobweb of shadow-gray haze, while a feathery 
mass of foam left stagnant on barren sand to expand
and decay, frays at the edges of a deserted shore,
where the sea, relinquished by its master has deceased,
encased in cracked earth. 

Garden of Corals

Sea Lavender 

in salty wind,
left to drip
from a single stem.

Flung forth
on harsh sand,
with fragrant stain.

The Riverbed

The lonely river bed rests
free from all flowing life,
but the crawling inmates
of its broken brook.

Its thick mosses lay shrouded;
their wiry stems with deep olive stain,
concealed by silver hazes,
a maze of feathery webs.

The Weed

Sticky leaves
with gaudy flower,
reach gnarled fingers

to choke poppy seeds
from coral petals.


Stark fringe
of acrid yellow,
spread wide.

Crowd of bright leaf
in mint-coloured fields,

in sharp wind,
on single stems.

Water Mint

Lilac petals
at the head
of a stooping stem,

too heavy to balance,
with flat, oval
leaves it is crushed

leaving behind,
peppermint stain.

The Sea Pea

Creeping low
amongst shingle;
harsh plain
for sea pea flowers,

with its coarse stem,
violet petal
savaged by salt,
sacrificed on the shore.